When you buy stock footage from Platebank, you are licensing a right to use it in your project in the ways described by Platebank's Content License agreement.

Project based rights-managed license

All footage listed on Platebank are available for license per-project. This means you can use the licensed footage in a single project without any limitations of use by:

  • Medium (such as advertising, television, show or film)
  • Usage (such as theatrical, festival rights, online advertising)
  • Scale (region or target audience), or
  • Duration (i.e. the life of the project)

For complete licensing information, read our content license agreement.

Release status

Any footage you license also has a release status, which defines how the product may legally be used, based on permissions granted by the people shown, or by owners of properties shown.

Footage with model and/or property releases

Some footage on site provide model and/or property releases. These may be used in virtually any commercial or editorial context without any limitations of use.

Footage without model and/or property releases

Some footage on our site do not provide model and/or property releases, or it may contain recognizable designs, logos, or trademarks. In these cases footage may be used only in editorial contexts only, such as documentaries, non-fiction shorts or news (videojournalism).

However, as most footage is licensed for background use, it gives licensee an opportunity to blur the recognizable people and/or buildings and also recognizable designs, logos, or trademarks. In these cases it's on licensee's responsibility to consider if they use the footage in their commercial context despite the lack of releases.

For any licensing and release questions, contact us.