What is Platebank?

Platebank is a revolutionary stock footage library offering background plates. At Platebank all locations are shot from minimum of three angles. This enables you to shoot an entire scene with reverse shots just using background plates.

Why use background plates?

For producers

Save money. Ask your director if can he do the scene with plates? Most of the times he can. Background plates are a great way to more production value to your film.

For Filmmakers

Big script small budget? Boost up your film with new locations. Offer your clients new ideas and locations that they have never even thought of. Save time searching for good quality plates that work for all directions.

For writers

Get ideas. Check out the plates at Platebank and make your story to happen in Marrakesh or on the top of a mountain, at the beach or at the jungle. Now there are no limits to you imagination.

Key features of Platebank

Multiple angles from all locations

Unlike traditional stock footage libraries, at Platebank all locations are shot from a minimum of three angles. This enables you to shoot an entire scene with reverse shots just using background plates.

Full control in post production

Most professional filmmakers prefer to have a full control of the footage in post production. At Platebank most footage is available as ungraded which makes it easier to grade your shot and background plate together.

Detailed technical metadata

Platebank offers technical data of the plate which enables you to shoot your shot with exactly the same technical setup. Technical information includes: camera body, lens, aperture, shot height & angle plus light direction.

High resolution preview versions

All footage at Platebank is available to download as ungraded high resolution comps. This enables you to color grade, test, preview and approve your scene before you commit to making a purchase.

Simple pricing

Platebank pricing is based on footage quality and quantity of angles you decide to purchase. You can freely choose which angles you purchase – only one angle, two angles or the whole scene with additional footage or angles, it's up to you.

Even more simple licensing

We don't have messy calculators or rules. All footage is available to license with a worldwide license for a single project. Most footage is available for commercial use. Some footage might have restrictions to be used only in editorial projects.